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Hello everyone! I’m Manon, the creator of Women Don’t Cycle. I made this film while cycling during 11 months from Brussels to Tokyo with my partner Dries in 2019. Taking a camera with me on this journey was a fantastic way to meet and talk to incredible women cyclists in different countries around the world. The film tells their stories, and our story of travelling slowly 13.500 km across 21 countries.

This journey inspired us so much that we now fully dedicate ourselves to making slow travel more accessible. When we came back, we set up Welcome To My Garden, a global network of 5.600+ citizens opening their gardens so that travellers by foot or by bicycle can camp there for free for the night.

I’m proud that this film - made with zero experience, yet enormous perseverance - has now inspired thousands of people to start slow travelling. I hope you will enjoy it too!

Dries & Manon about to depart on their bike trip from Brussels

What viewers say...

113 ratings
  • Chris en Ann 28/11/23, 21:21

    Prachtige film, we zijn zelf onderweg naar de Pamir Highway en hopen daarna tot in Vietnam te fietsen. Het zien van de film doet ons nog meer goesting krijgen in wat nog komen zal.

  • Wilhelmina 27/11/23, 14:52

    Such a pity 95% of all the talking is in French. Not the global language. So I watched the film as a silent movie. Luckily I (a woman) cycled (solo) South East Asia for a year 2001/2002, so I already knew "Women don't cycle". And in a way this made my journey a safe on. After all how could I possibly be a lady. Cycling. And, cycling on my own.

  • Luc 26/11/23, 21:07

    Vous (Dries et toi) êtes touchants et tu (Manon) arrives à mettre en évidence des messages sincères et spontanés, loin des discours idéologiques. Vous montrez aussi la réalité des contacts chaleureux qu'on oublie jamais quand on a eu la chance de les vivre. Enfin, quel réussite dans les prises de vue. Boodschap speciaal voor Dries : bravo voor uw duurzaam maar discreet aanwezigheid.

  • Hervé 26/11/23, 20:33

    Un bon moment, ça vaut le coup de regarder ce film !

  • Sara 26/11/23, 20:14

    Ik heb de film al 3 keer gezien en telkens raakt die me en ontroert die me op een andere manier. Wat een kracht, wat een schoonheid, wat een warmte! ♥️🚴‍♀️🚴🚵‍♀️♥️

  • Lisa 26/11/23, 19:58

    Such a beautiful and inspiring film. As a Canadian who has cycle toured a few times in Europe and wants nothing more than to do that as much as possible in the future, I'm now inspired to consider additional locations such as South Korea, China, Japan and others. Congratulations on your debut film and I hope we will see a sequel in the future. Safe travels.

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